Rio Grande do Norte

With a greater focus in North East Brazil, the Company has set its eyes on Rio Grande do Norte (RGN):

  • RGN has delivered strong economic growth (93% GDP growth) vs. major metro Brazil (47% GDP growth);
  • GDP/Capita in RGN has increased 82% from 2009-2013 and stands at R$23, 412 (51% less than Sao Paulo in 2013 vs. 64% less in 2009); and
  • Significant headroom for land price growth as Land Price/Sq Meter is 73% less than Sao Paulo (where GDP/Capita is only 51% less)

OneB Asia intends to extend its position as the market leader in land development and hotel owner in Rio Grande do Norte. OBA has an extensive pipeline of projects across North East Brazil, placing it in a strong position to capitalise on accelerating land prices and robust economic growth throughout RGN.